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What's up guys I'm kinda new to mountain biking, I took a break and now I want start start back up. I plan on getting a used Trek Slash and noticed that the front forks were 160mm, however I also noticed that some were the fox float 34, and the others were fox tallas 36. I have no idea what the difference is and I want to learn and find out which is the best one for me. I don't really do jumps or drops but I do eventually plan on doing that. My style of riding is really aggressive and just trying to be the first one down. Last side question, I am barely 5'10, and I am not sure which size to get a 18.5 or 19.5. Oh I almost forgot, what do you guys think about buying used bikes online like from pinkbike. Thanks for checking this out, see you on the trails:)
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