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32mm SID Race Preventive Maintenance?

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Okay, I have a few questions about my 2009 SID Race fork. The search function here and in the weight-weenies subforum were useless for me.

For one, the service guides on the SRAM site are only 2006. Why no '08 or '09 version? Are they similar enough that I can use the 2006 service guide for my 2009?

Also, the blue-anodized compression adjuster knob is on the top of the fork leg. It's extremely easy to turn. I can just touch it with one finger and move it from full lock to unlock and back. It feels like it can't actually be doing anything. Do you think that's normal?

I don't feel movement indicating loose play in the bushings, so I guess I won't worry about that for now. It doesn't seem to be leaking air. I just don't the fork to become damaged from neglect since it's so expensive (to me). Should I just throw a wipe-seal kit onto it, or also do a service kit?

Thanks for you time,
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No the 06 SID....

is not similar enough to the 09 to use the same service guide. What you need is to download the 09 Tenchnical Manual. Rock Shox quit publishing individual service guides in 07. The reason being is, RS forks use many of the same components, and require the same procedures for service. So they publish one Tech Manual to cover all their forks. Easier and cheaper. That doesn't mean the the service required for a SID will be exactly the same as for a Reba for instance. There are differences. But those differences are noted and covered in the manual. The idea is the service for a Motion Control damper is the same for a Reba as it is for a Revelation, lowers are removed and installed in the same way for all forks and so on. For maintenance schedules you'll need the generic owners manual that comes with the fork new, or can be downloaded on the RS website.

For the Owner's Manual, go here: . The one you'll need is listed under "Product Manauls" and is the second one of the two listed. It's simply an OM that covers 09 and 10 forks.

For the Tech Manual go here: . The 09 manual is the 13th one down. It covers all generic fork maintenance, and specific maintenance that your fork may require. It pays to know your exact fork model, what it uses for a damper, etc.

As to what you should do to your fork, that's up to you. If you've got over 100 hrs on it then a full service, cleaning, oil change and inspection is in order. As long as the fork isn't leaking oil, air, etc. then it's doubtful you'd need to repalce the seals, but it wouldn't hurt anything to do so either. Seals to wear out, and they usually fail at the most inoportune times. I would deffinately replace the air seals if you have the time on the fork. Those are the most critical. You can blow a damper seal and still ride out. But blow an air seal and you walk. Also it wouldn't hurt to do a full on seal replacement if you bought the fork used as well. Your call though.

Good Dirt
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Hey, thanks for the detailed message, Squash. :thumbsup: I had found the first link you posted, but didn't find the second one or didn't think to use the general one.

I did buy it used, so I think I'll take your advice to put a seal kit in while it's winter here.

Check the oil volume for the lowers, on the SID - it takes a very small amount(5 ml) and needs to be changed more frequently.
Like ncfisherman said, the SID has very little bath oil, so it's important to stay on top of your maintenance. I'd suggest doing an bath oil change at least every 50 hours riding time, if not sooner.
Huh. Okay, I'll look into an oil change.

Thanks much.
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