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I just got a new medium SB130LR and was surprised to weigh it and find it is a little over 32 pounds. Does that sound right? I am using a bathroom scale, weigh myself without bike and then with and subtract.

X0 drivetrain
X01 crank
Time Speciale 12 pedals
Code R brakes
Easton Havoc 50 MM stem
Chromag BZA bar
Santa Cruz Reserve 30 wheel with I9 Hydra hubs
Maxis DHF/Aggressor
Cush core rear only

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Mine weighs 33.5 lbs with pedals, ready to ride.

M Turq Frame
Cascade Link
Ohlins RXF36 m.2 Air, 160mm, 44mm offset
Ohlins TTX Air, 210x55(LR stroke)
M9100 XTR 175mm Cranks with 32T chainring
M9100 10-51T Cassette
M9100 XTR Shifter and Derailleur
One Up Aluminum Pedals
Hayes Dominion A4 Brakes
Hayes D-Series 203/203 Rotors
Fabric Scoop Saddle, Shallow Profile
2021 Fox Transfer, 150mm
Wolftooth Dropper Lever, Light Action
I9 A35 Stem, 40mm
Renthal Fatbar Lite, Carbon, 760mm
Crankbros Synthesis E11s Carbon Wheelset with I9 Hydra Hubs
Cushcore Pro Front and Rear
Front Tire, WTB Verdict 2.5 Light/High Grip
Rear Tire, WTB Judge 2.4 Tough/Fast Rolling

All things considered, it's probably as light as I can get it with the burly parts that are on it. I can save 1.5 lbs by getting rid of Cushcore and getting lighter tires, but I like NEVER ever having to worry about flats and the Verdict/Judge combo is the grippiest, most predictable tires I've ever used. You can never have too much braking power, hence the DH level Dominion A4s and 203 rotors front and reat. The drivetrain is really the only place I was able to shave some weight, hence the XTR parts.

I've seen some people get the bike down 28 lbs or less ready to ride, but I don't like having sissy fragile parts on my bike.

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I hope to get a lower weight with a nice mix of light & sturdy parts, but I’m sure it’s going to be expensive.
Also, as weird as it might sound, light doesn’t always ride better.
Sturdy core, light extension has always worked well for me.

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Ride it and don't worry, pick reasonably light parts that put performance first for your needs. I don't weight my SB130 or SB150, and don't plan to change.
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