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DSR said:
Whoa... cool! Those tandem trail-a-bikes are hard to find. My SS has a single trail-a-bike with a double Burley hitched behind it. Choose your gearing wisely! S
yeah...I had to special order through my local LBS but it was worth it (I have 4 kids).

I have yet to take the tandem trail a bike out on the trail with the Surly. I have only taken it out with the geared bike on the trail. Going up steep hills, paved or otherwise, is like nothing I have done........because of the length (moreso than the extra weight behind me) virtually anything can throw me off when the pace is 3 or 4 miles per hour. I have to ask the kids not to pedal so it doesn't rock........the only thing that is more fun than passing geared bike riders on a SS is passing them on some of the local steep hills (Sycamore Canyon asphalt hill for those who know it) with 2 of my kids behind me ;)



1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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