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3 Passes and some old Flumes (X-post)

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Yesterday I met up with Lubes and PBR Me! at 4:30am for approx 53 miles from Kenosha Pass to Breckenridge to Como. S.S. Spike and his crew were throwing down 85 miles adding an additional 35 miles I didn't think my legs were ready for.

We got a car dropped in Como and were on the Colorado Trail by 6:20

PBR being chased by the morning sun

Lubes full of smiles

PBR taking a serious approach to the views

Still a few small snow drifts on the east side of Georgia Pass at treeline

Lubes cranking up to Georgia Pass

PBR almost to Georgia Pass

On over to the Breck side of Georgia Pass

Where probably two dozen snow drifts awaited our tracks

A good ol death march isn't quite right without a little drinkin involved

A few marshes were to be hiked

and lots of route finding

Sometimes we even hung our bikes out to dry

and rode tons of old flume like this

and this

Might be getting familiar now for those of you who have been training on the Fire Cracker Course

We started running into all sorts of folks at this point including Kerkove, Sonya, DJ Birtch, Rebecca Toma wiki wiki, and several others who I didn't recognize.

PBR at Little French Gulch

Sally Barber Mine

going down


down into Breckenridge for some refreshments from the local convenient mart

Then a climb back up Boreas Pass, course we took all the singletrack options to go up

Baker's Tank

A rest stop at the top of the pass

We finished the day on an awesome singletrack descent off the pass. Some where around 53 miles. Sweet!

GPS died on the last 6 miles of the 7,750 ft of climbing with 97% of the route being over 10,000 ft and our high point for the day being 11,870
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Wow, thanks for posting! I'm truly in awe at where a bike can take you. I'm new to the hobby/sport but seeing epic journeys such as this has inspired me to get myself into shape.

I hope to one day post such pics myself. Thanks again for the inspiration!
Awesome ride, wana rent out a bedroom so i can move in haha
Thanks guys! A few of me by PBR Me!

watch your step!

cool shot of Sally Barber mine

final ascent of Boreas Pass

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great pics! looks like a lot of fun and a great day! (except for the snow... I had no luck trying to ride across the leftover bits of snow in our mtns yesterday.)
Good bumping into you. Looks like your views were much better than ours. Hope those trees get cleared out as well. That was a ton of log hopping!
Great Pics and writeup MGEpics. Thanks. I like the old mine pics - of course along with the riding pics and spectacular scenery you have there. Looks like another great adventure.
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