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3+ Hour ride wanted near 24th st and I-10

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Coming down from Prescott on Monday and am looking for a ride 3 hours or so near 24th and I-10. Kinda know my way around. I'm on a 26" hardtail so no free-ride stuff:nono: If anyone is available to go, I will be down at 7:00 am and would like to be on the trail by 8:30 at the latest. Also, need to be back at 24th and I-10 at 12:00 or so. Thanks in advance!
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up 24th, up National to Telegraph, up the road, down National to the fire road, back up Mormon, down 24th. your welcome.

oh wait, HT no free-ride...
Baseline road to 46th St lot to Beverly Canyon, down the fireroad, out Desert Classic til the Helipad and back the way you came. again, your welcome :).
You might also think about doing Trail 100 in Phoenix' North Mountain Park Coast to Coast to Coast.That is a 20 mile round trip and takes about three hours. If you take 16th st or the 51 freeway north all the way to Northern Ave and hang a right, you will run right into the park. It is a very short drive actually.

I was planning on riding that on Monday, but not so early. Sorry man, I'm on vacation.
Thanks fellas. Stoked to go out and ride. Trails are a bit on the soggy side up here! :thumbsup:
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