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Hello mates,

I wish to transform this Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR 2010 to a 2x10 drive train. The new 2011 version has a 2x10 rings which are in 24/38t.

The 38t isn't a bit small even for a big XC bike ? 24/40t seems better for a little bit of road. The small 24t is mandatory here in the alps, or my knees hurt and I'm not an athlete :D

What would you advise ? Will the 24/40t work or is it too much a strain for the chain ? (Will be updated to KMC X-10-SL)

2010 -> 2011

Culturesponge did it and here is a big pic (his credit) :

Carbon-ti makes nice chainrings, either full titanium or carbon/al. To me the simple titan looks nicer, but maybe the carbon is stronger.

Does anyone know what are the strength/weakness of the two ? This would procure a big enlightenment.


The stock 3x10 is a bit flawed. The specialized chain rings doesn't work. Whatever my LBS tries it doesn't change from the first ring to second smoothly. We had to change to a XT chainring and know it works incredibly better ! Maybe it comes from the combination of SRAM Cassette and the front XTR derailleur not adapted. For this kind of bike it is not acceptable, they should have waited/adapted SRAM crankset or stayed on 9 speed. There is also a lot of problems with this bike. The brain works badly on small-medium bumps and one of the brake had a problem. 3 weeks on warranty when you just bought a bike is overkill ! And the rear derailleur has problems too. I hope other have more luck with this bike.
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