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2nd Wheelset

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I have a question regarding wheel and tire size for a full suspension bike. I'm considering buying the Liv Embolden, a full suspension trail bike (same design as the Giant Stance) The stock wheel/tire size is 27.5 x 2.6". Would it be possible to fit 26 x 4" wheel/tires on it? I would like a bike I can use as a trail bike in summer and then switch to fat tires for winter. Otherwise I was considering buying a fat tire and putting a bluto shock on it. In that case could I have a second set of 27.5 wheels for basic trail riding, if so what size tires? I understand there are issues with bottom bracket height and other things when switching wheels but I don't know enough about it to determine what I need. I appreciate any input, Thanks!
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Fat bike tires will NOT fit on a bike that isn't specifically designed for it. Fat bikes are designed around wider hubs and bottom brackets to have clearance for the tires. There have been some full suspension fat bikes by Salsa and Trek ( and some custom manufacturers),but they stopped production a few years ago, you may be able to find one used . A lot of modern fat bikes come with a suspension fork. You could buy one of them and get a second set of 29er wheels built on the correctly configured hubs to swap out for summer use.
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