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2nd hand rigid moutain bike, 90's

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so if i was looking to buy the above to turn into a commuter, what are the bikes i should be looking out for, what was a good light wieght rigid bike from the 90's that would go well with slicks?
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What type of frame are you looking for? Klein used to make good frames.........MTT
Trek 900 series (970 and 990 were the best) were fantastic steel frames...not super light but very good riding and came with all the necessary rack mounts for installing fenders and a rear rack.
MTT said:
What type of frame are you looking for? Klein used to make good frames.........MTT
dunno tbh i\m open to suggestions...just looking to pick up something light comfortable and fast enough for little cash..

cheers mb72, i'll do a wee google. :)
late 90's Spec Rockhoppers were pretty light
I agree on the Rockhoppers, great bikes, and cheap. I've got two, real happy with them.
IMHO: the key to a cheap commuter is buy local. Lots of deals, all sorts of mid-line bikes pop up on craigslist. Buying local and the right size, with fender/rack braze-ons, in excellent shape is more important than brand name. Most of the sexy names will command a premium and make the bike a target.

Waiting for a used/excellent shape bike (local so you can inspect it) is key. Doesn't take much wrong to kill and dreams any of low cost. Sometime you can find a bike that's been tuned up with new tires/seat for cheap. Who cares what brand if it rides right?

I've converted a Ross Mt Whitney, Schwinn Cimmeron and Giant ?? to single speed commuter/errand bikes for myself and my 2 sons. They ride just fine and there's not too much cash invested. Tires and nice seat/grips/fenders should cost more than the bike (IMHO).
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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