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got a new clear tube RZ4 that works fine....


but my old carbon fiber tube RZ4 finally won't take a charge
a) built-in charger can't top past 3.65 volts
b) probe-clipped VC4 won't charge at all at 1amp
c) probe-clipped VC4 will charge slowly at .5 amp, but cell hovers at 3.88 volts and it take 1 minute per milliamp....effectively not doing anything

cell is ded ded ded

so anyhow does anyone know (Niteflux won't tell me) how I can dissolve the adhesive inside this tube to slip the guts out and I might be able to replace the 18650 inside with a freshie ? a long blob of glue of some type holds all the guts inside the carbon tube...

I'd like to keep this since I really like the silicone endcaps/carbon tube design and don't like the newer RZ4 design so if I can recover this thing with a fresh new cell it would be preferable to me buying another gen 3 RZ4 with the clear tube body.
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