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2Bliss w Dinged Rim?

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My rear wheel took some abuse in the latter sections of racing in Flagstaff this weekend. The tire was squishy the last mile, but I rode it to the finish rather than stopping mid-race to air up. When I got home, I see the rim lip took a ding and broke the seal of my tubeless setup. Question: can I hammer the rim smooth and maintain a tubeless setup, or should I stick a tube in it and start saving my nickels for a new wheelset? (Rims: DT Swiss 420 SL, Tires: The Captain 26 x 2.0)
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i've dinged my tubless rim, bent it back, and it holds fine.

use a long flat bar/wrench (like a Park headset wrench), lay it flat on the side of the so that it spans across the dinged area, and use pliers so that one side of the pliers is pushing against the bar/wrench and the other is gently bending the ding out.

i sure this makes no sense, so a quick google search will get you a more articulate description with pics.

good luck.
Just don't grab it with pliers and bend it back directly.
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