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29r or 26" for big guy riding?

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New to the sport and am currently borrowing a "nice" full susp bike (Giant Anthem 22"). Looking to get my own soon, but don't know anything about 29r frames...I am 6'3" and 230lbs. How is a 29r going to benefit me, if at all?
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i'm taller and a good bit heavier then you and love my 29er... although having never ridden a squish bike (at either end) i couldn't tell you which way to go... only that i went 29er and love em...

one of these days i'll get some squish up front... and i'd like to try out a friends double squish... but with your height the 29er may very well fit you better then the large framed small wheeled bikes... only way to know is to try one though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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