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29er you don't see every day

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For all you short-stay, rigid, KOPS fans, enjoy...

real bike, see here. I guess bottom bracket doesn't determine where the saddle is.
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Looks like those with larger feet might have toe overlap issues with that frame.
I definitely don't understand the 0 length stem. I mean that thing would be so weird to steer and feedback would be abrupt at the handlebar wouldn't it?
Looks like a 29'er and a recumbent had a baby.
Looks like the bike my 5 y/o son draws when he draws bikes :lol:
how does that bike fit with KOPS, since it's half way to recumbant?
(sincere question, there's probably an obvious connection i'm missing cuz i don't know too much about fit)
a little insight...


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bsieb said:
a little insight...
ah... ok. i couldn't have imagined the knee getting that far forward with the seat seemingly that far back, but maybe because of the style the seat is.
thanks! :thumbsup:
bsieb said:
a little insight...
You can see by that picture how the toe clearance may not be such an issue either. Dunno.

I agree about that weird "stem".

I wonder how much different the bike would handle on trails. It's wheelbase is not as much longer as you would think.
it reminds me a bit of the new cruiser style bikes where you can put your feet flat on the ground and still get leg extension because the bb is way ahead of the seat. Add a weird seat extended even further back and you have a new mountain biking experience. :thumbsup:
The wheelbase is 8" longer than my bike, 50" compared to 42" on mine. Not sure how you'd bunny hop it or manual.....
Looks fine for paved paths where you sit all the time but no way Id ride that off road where you need to stand and shift your weight around.
floydlippencott said:
Looks like bike built for a Circus Bear .
Hey now, I'll be the judge of that :p
Even IF climbing might be enhanced for some, I have to imagine descending intermediate to advanced terrain would be 'challenging' to say the least :eek:

As a 'casual' city bike, beach cruiser or path bike, it would be nice to be able to stop and put your feet down while seated.
the chain stays have gotta be pushing 25" right?
Thinking that seat tube or post will see some revision eventually -- larger diameter perhaps.
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