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29er wheel ideas

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im thinking of building a set of 29 wheels. i have many options but i want to have other opinions. i will build them and work at a shop so most any rim is available.
I ride mostly trail and moderate air. thank you in advance

future convert..
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Not sure how much you weigh, but I’m 124lbs and ride XC, Moderate DH and Trail all on this wheel set. I’m pretty aggressive and 2ft drops sometimes work their way into the mix of Trail and XC riding.
Stans ZTR 355 rims
Hope Pro II hubs
DT Super Comps
The goal was to have a light wheel that was strong enough for my weight. They are plenty stiff and light enough for racing.


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rhino lites and either XT or surly hubs with 36 holes and 4x is the way to go for sure. After you've worked in a shop for a while you just want to go ride your bike. You don't want to be back at work working on your own bike. I personally want to buy the most durable stuff out there and forget about it. Besides heavy wheels make you tougher anyway.
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