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29er Wheel build

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I posted in the 29er forum without much luck and this is probably the place to ask. Has anyone had any experience with Orioncycles wheel builds? They advertise here on MTBR & have some great prices but I have no info as to their build quality. Looking for input if you have had wheels built by them. They state they have been building wheels for over 10 years.
I'm looking at Hadley hubs (15mm ft and 12mm thru axle rr) laced with black DT comps and Stans Flow 29er rims. I'm 230lbs and looking for strength as my Rip9 is no lightweight at 30 pounds. I also have a set of Hope Pro2's laced to Flows running tubeless on there now. I don't mind the sound of the Hopes when coasting ( reminds me of when I was a kid) and wondered if Hadleys were loud as well. Also King hubs are an extra 100 bucks over the Hadleys and wondered if it was worth the extra coin as I have never owned a set of Kings. I have heard so many positive comments on the Hadleys and how easy they are to service that I'm leaning in that direction. I haven't had any real world experience with Hadleys as of yet. I like that I can do hub service on my own without the need for proprietary tools. Any feedback or info on their builds would be helpful in making a decision.
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I might be able to help you. Do you check your PMs?
hope with flows = suck???

why are you getting a new wheelset???

do you not like that combo? hope with a flow?

im about 250lbs and was looking into that specific combo for myself.....
I am a Wheel Junkie, as well as a bike whore :D . I'm constantly changing bikes and don't want to have to worry about my wheels working with different setups. I also need an extra set of wheels. One bike is thru axle ft & rr and the other bike is Q.R and I like to use the wheelsets for either one of them. I have the Hopes for my Rip9 and I can change the hub configuration if I wanna use them on a different setup. I also have a set of I9s that can be setup either way as well. Just wanna scope out something else than what I already have. I'm not a racer and weight is not of primary concern, as I would like to shed 30 lbs or more. I want a strong wheel that I don't have to mess with. I had a set of AC's but I was borderline for their weight rating and the hubs seemed a bit weak to me.
I am also thinking about going with Orion.
They have a set of Hope Pro 2 hubs laced to Stans Arch hoops. Good DT spoke and nipple combo. I am 160 with pack and I have a history of being really easy on wheels so I think they will be penty for me...
How have the Stans hoops been for you? and what is wrong with your Hope hubs?
If its just that you want a set of Hadley or Kings i dont blame you at all...
Flows have been great for me, I've aired up Ardents, Exiwolf, Nevegals and Racing Ralphs with no problem. Wheels feel solid. Not sure if that's partially due to the thru axle ft & rr. I like the Hope Pro2's and they're easy to service. I have had a couple of wheelsets with Pro2's, but as I said earlier, I've never owned a set of Kings or Hadleys and I just want to try some different hubs. The shops in my area seem to be of the consensus that Kings are the ones to beat. Been around and make all their parts in house so down the road support is a comforting thought. Valid points I suppose. Hadleys are a bit cheaper. Both are supposed to have quicker engagement than the Hopes. I'll find out myself and If they don't perform as I've been told, they will be up sale at some point in the future.
I have sent Orion a couple of emails and gotten very little response in my communications with them. If I'm not knowledgeable about something, I ask a lot of questions to become an informed buyer. I want peace of mind knowing the answer to those questions before I spend some large coin just because of price.
My feeling is they don't really want to be bothered answering questions or emails, and that's O.K. Maybe they're to busy building wheels or what not. I do know this, they won't be getting my money.
Price is but ONE contributing factor in the equation. There are plenty of people ( both businesses and individuals alike) that have been more than happy to answer my questions and they are the ones that will get my business down the trail.
I have no issues with Orioncycle but their business model leaves room for improvement.
As a side note, I just purchased a used set of Kings/ Stans. and these will more that likely not be my last wheelset.
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