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I need some tires for a 29er hardtail that will be used for bike path commuting as well as mellow trail riding (I have my 26" FS bike for more aggro trails). I have UST Haven 29 wheels so I was looking for a tubeless ready tire with a fast tread that I could ride with lower pressures for trail riding and pump up a little bit for commuting (with Stan's). I know this isn't exactly the optimal solution, but I don't want to be constantly changing tires and want to take advantage of my tubeless wheels when I'm on the trails. It just doesn't seem right to have tubeless wheels and run tubes. :p

I was thinking a tire like the Stan's Raven 29 might work well. I've also thought about running the Bontrager XR1 29 tubeless even thought it's not one of their TLR tires. Anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I'm finding that most local bike shops don't have much 29er tire stock. Is there any shops that carry a decent stock of 29er tires in to look at?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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