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29er tires for Breckenridge (Fiirecracker 50)

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I'm planning on trying the Firecracker 50 next July and am wondering about tire selection for the route in Breckenridge.

I ride a Moots Mooto-XZ 29er :thumbsup: (awesome machine!), so I'm not worried about the bike end of the equation. However, I'm a little concerned about tire selection. I currently use the Kenda Karma (29x1.90). It's a great tire for Southeastern single-track, but I'm not sure about Colorado. The closest thing we might have to Colorado single-track is the BUMP trail over in Birmingham (just guessing).

Anyway information or suggestion are appreciated.

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Howdy moots,

One thing you learn out here is, its hard to plan for conditions. Personally I would bring a wider tire than the 1.90 and something that is a little tougher and good for all conditions. Karma tread pattern would probably be fine though.

For example...I fully expect to be cold and get rained on tomorrow, where as last year it was blazin hot. But who knows.
2.1 Ignitor in the back, Rampage or Ardent up front, though you might think the front tires are a little heavy for racing
Thanks! I'll definitely go with a wider tire for the Firecracker. I'm really concerned about the thin sidewalls on the Karma. They are fine for threading single-track around here, but I didn't know about the trails up there.

All I need to do now is figure out how to train for riding at 10,000 feet when I live only 400 feet above sea level.
What did you go with and how did you do?

I ride ignitor front and rear around here and love'm. Did you suck some serious "O's"?
I ran kenda nevegals front and rear this year and thought it worked great
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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