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29er suggestions

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I am looking to buy a new bike.
Can anybody recommend a full suspension 29er?
I'm 6'5" and 220 lb and will be riding it on trails that are hilly but not mountainous (Palos Hills in IL or Kettle Moraine in Wisconsin).
My budget is about $3000. Any ideas?
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I am 6'7 same weight.

Have a look at the Niner RIP9.

As you are a big guy you will want a stiff frame designed for a bit of abuse. I have had so many frames flex when I put the power in, my Niner is solid.

The CVA suspension platform is one of the best on the market

I would agree once I got my shock tuned.
I have the WFO (their hardcore model) I can sprint standing on my bike, and outclimb every one I ride with, I put on slicks and race roadies, but I am on a heavy duty AM bike. Guess that means the suspension design is good.

Niner are also a nice company that support their customers (I had a small problem with one of my frames, couple of weeks later a new one arrived in the post).

So a stiff, fun bike from a good company. Not cheap, but neither is your budget. Niner also have a custom RS reba 140mm to go with it.
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