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29er Rims: WTB Dual XC or Mavic 719?

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I am a clydesdale looking to upgrade my Soma Juice wheelset to disc (non-CL) on a budget. Riding mostly just xc singletrack stuff here in the northeast.

I am on the fence between a machine made XT 756 Mavic 719 wheelset (Front - 1080g; Rear 1250g) versus a pair of handmade XT 756 WTB Dual Duty XC wheelset (1105g front, 1332g rear). I know handmade is better, but I am also trying to lighten up my ride. What do you all think?

I also found XT 756 WTB Speed Disc Trails hoops (Rear 1290g; Front 1100g) or a set of XT 756 with Mavic A317 rims. Any feedback on any of these 4 sets? Thanks!
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tough call...

I just had my 719s taken off and the hubs re-laced to a set of Flows. (I like the Flows, but I can not say they seem any stiffer than the 719s based on my experience...I choose flows for the extra width and better results with tubeless).

The 719s are among the strongest rims I have used for 29ers. The full eyelets allow for good tensioning, and mine never needed to be re-tensioned after the build (but I only used them for about 6 months). A very solid rim...I am sure rims like the Holm uni rims are stronger...but gram for gram the 719 seems like a VERY strong choice for a heavy XC, but non-DH/FR guy.

I did a lot of stupid stuff on mine and could not make them fold....really stupid. I am embarrassed to report dropping off loading docks to flat, and other urban trials type riding. It was fun but I broke a lot of equipment doing that sort of thing. My builder actually tried to talk me out of re-lacing to the Flows (he thinks that highly of the 719s)

I say "tough call" because the hand built thing...I would usually prefer hand built wheels. Is there no option to have a builder create exactly what you want?

I should point out that I have limited experience with WTB rims. Built properly, I am sure they are a fine choice, but I have not personally abused a set.

For what ever reason, there seems to not be a lot of talk about the 719s on this forum...Probably because many opt for the DT TK 7.1 rims that are very similar in design, but slightly lighter.
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