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Hello There
Since I own a 29er I started thinking about owning a 29erish cat- a bobcat or siberian lynx.
We all know that 26er riders prefer smaller domestic cats like their wheels- samller.
It came to my attention that a lynx rufus superiorencis can leap farther just like a bigger wheel cover more ground per revolution.
Lynx is faster than domestic- just like a 29er than 26er.
Lynx shows more love to us just like we show more love to 29ers.
I know that 29er riders who own lynxes/bobcats can reveal their snapshots- don't be shy. No permit is needed regardless what your state regulations say.

Tamed Lynxes' movies

two playing
- playing at bedroom

Lynx and a dog



Lynx breeder and informational site

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know what REALLY covers ground in the woods? a grizzly!
they have longer legs (taller wheels?!) than any cat!

get one of them get one of them!!!

I'm happy enough with my box turtle, crested gecko, my shark tank, the (regular) cat, and the pygmy hedgehog...
does that mean I need to buy a dj bike, a dh bike, an xc bike, and a unicycle and a bike with a spiky seat?
you know, so my animals reflect my taste in bikes? :rolleyes:

cause I'm plenty happy just being myself instead of trying to identify myself to OTHERS through visually obvious cues.
I don't own a pnis car either for the record. ;)

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The one with 156,8796mm rear spacing, 164.732222mm of travel and juuuuuuuuuuuuust the right amount on "S".

PS get a barn cat, the best...
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