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Not sure of the best place for this question so I am posting to the 29er forum and Fat Bike forum...
I have a steel 29er frame that I would like to use as the basis of a "plump" bike. I am currently running with WW LTs on Velocity Blunt rims, but I would like to gain some more width and ability to run at lower pressures for snow / sand riding.

My first thought is to lace up some Kris Holm 29" Freeride (47mm wide) and mount up the WW LTs or maybe a Racing Ralph 2.4 or Ardent 2.4. Has anyone tried this? pictures? measurements?

My other option is to try and go the route of Large Marge 26" rims + 2.5" or 2.7" downhill tire. I'm not sure how well this will work though; I measured my frame and the chainstays narrow to ~70mm where the 26" tire casing would be... not much room...

So, which option is likely to provide more float?
I know the "right" answer is to just get a Pugsley / Fatback / etc... but that is not an option right now.

Thanks for your input!
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