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Ok,so us 29ers are smarter,better lookin' and just cool ya know?:)
I ask in the wv/va forum as well.
Lube-is any of the bio-safe working?
I have heard out in the dusty west-it gums up-like any wet would.
But winter and wet?
Im sick of washing petrocrap of my chain into trout streams.
Please-this is a serious post-and i feel this group here has the most experienced mtb'ers
and mechanic out there.
I want to in 2009 slow my sales/use of ugly stuff-we use bio-degreaser to wash petro into the system.
Sorry for the rant.
Please help out with any answers-or tests you have done.


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I use Pro Gold Prolink which according to the company is bio-degradable. I have found that it last much longer than most lubes in wet conditions.

For Grease I use good old Phil Wood Waterproof Grease. Yes, its not bio-degradable...but since I have to use so much less (a tube lasts me years) than other lubes and it protects my bearings so well...I end up consuming less product which is good for the environment
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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