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29er in Spain ?

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Hi all.
I will be in Spain, very far south (Jerez de la Frontera), for 3 weeks and NEED to ride.
Looking for a shop, tour company, whomever, to rent a bike for the duration.
Would take my bike, but the airline will not pay for damaged goods in transit.

Hard tail is fine as I will be staying near the beach mostly (flats) and want to explore (flats and surrounding hillsides).

Assistance needed.
Quick responses appreciated as I depart July 11.

Thanks for reading,

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Orbea dealer? worth a try.
reydin said:
Orbea dealer? worth a try.
Funny enough, Orbea dealers do not carry their 29er version, you have to ask for it and it might take a while untill it arrives... other than that, you could contat the Salsa/Surly spanish dealer Rapit. You might want to contact some shop that sells Kona´s or Gary Fisher. I guess is going to be difficult to find a rental 29er for just three weeks.
I would recommend you to visit some of the Sierras close to Jerez like Sierra Nevada in Granada or Sierra de las Nieves in Malaga. They have really nice trails wih breathtaking vistas... even if you are not riding a 29er. ;)
This is in the Vereda de la Estrella trail, close to Granada.

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I have a friend that lives in Spain. 29ers are very rare there. Finding one to rent will be very difficult me thinks.
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