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For a recent MTB race in Ashland, Oregon, (the Spring Thaw), I built up a 26" aluminum hardtail frame with a rigid front fork, aluminum, and an American Classic Sprint 350 road wheel, 700c. This wheel has 28 radial spokes (DT revolutions) on a 68gm front hub. The wheel weighs 566 gm. Tried both 29er Ignitor kevlar bead, and a Nano wire bead tubeless with Stan's 26" rim strip, a fairly old one, stretched on, and trimmed a little around the stem, because I didn't want to drill out the stem hole in that rim to 3/8th inch. Both tires sealed quite well, and never burped. Ran them 30-35 psi, road much better at 30 but I hit the rim slightly on rocks so went to 35. No tire squirm notable in 30mph paved corners, or in braking. I put 15+ runs down rutty/rocky single track on the wheel, seemed plenty stiff enough. This single track is fast and technical downhill, with a lot of good sized rocks, puts a Specialized FSR with 3-4" suspension on both ends through a good workout. No drops more than a foot or so.

The wheel got me through the race just fine, saving nearly 300gm over my Delgado/DT Swiss 240 wheel. Stayed true, no loose spokes. Appears to be a tough wheel. It is going back on the road bike, I'm not going to do a long term durability test on the bearings. :D

Used V-brakes, Avids, and it is a chore to set up the pads because the braking surface is narrow and the tire overhangs it. Avid pads squealed too much, Kool Stops were better once they got warm.

FWIW I weigh 160. I grew confident in this wheel, but YMMV.


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