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So I'm pretty happy with my MTB and my Road Bike, but now I want to add a beach cruiser to the garage.

I figure that the selection criteria for a beach cruiser is just about what pleases me, with perhaps a little bit of a "comfort" factor, but nothing about speed, weight, performance, etc. Kind of a different shopping experience.

I've decided that I want 29 inch wheels on the cruiser because I'm 6'2 and it just seems like it would be a better fit. I would also like a 3 speed, in hub (and if I'm dreaming I would like to route the shift cable in the frame).

I want a classic kind of cruiser style to the frame. My closest contender is the Firmstrong 29 (Firmstrong 29", Matte Black - Men's Aluminum Beach Cruiser Bike), but with the straight top tube the frame looks more like a mtn bike. Also it's a single speed.

Before I convinced myself that I wanted a 29er, I liked the style of the Hawk 3 (JBikes Hawk 3 Speed Aluminum, Matte Black - Men's 26" Beach Cruiser Bike). If only had 29 inch wheels it would be a winner.

In one of my searches, I saw a thread on MTBR asking a similar question but it was from 2008, so I figure it's safe to pose it again. And there are several people asking about converting a single speed to a 3 speed. Seems like there ought to be something out there.

Anybody got a favorite cruiser 29 they can recommend?
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