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I know most of you are gonna be scratching your heads, saying "why", but I'm wondering if there are any tire manufacturers that make a 29x2.1 or bigger slick or semi-slick tire?

I'm trying to do a convert from 26" to 96er and I'd like to use it as my street/around town bike, hence the desire for a slick or semi-slick tire for the front.

I've checked jenson, pricepoint, etc. and can't seem to find anything.


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Biggest slicks:
Schwalbe Big Apple 2.0 and 2.35. In fact the 2.35 is the biggest-casing 29" tire available, period.
Schwalbe Smover and Marathon both come in 2.0 as well.
Also the Michelin Transworld City, Panaracer Crosstown and Specialized Infinity come in 700x47.

Biggest semislicks:
Kenda Khan 2.0. Went out of production about a year ago. If you can find a source, let me know.
Schwalbe Marathon XR 2.0.
Schwalbe Black Jack 1.9.
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