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29" wheels are soooo last week.....

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Pics of the Coker 36" are SOOOOO last month...

...and last year...

...and the year before that...

...and the year...
Drevil said:
Hell must've froze over! :eek:
Check out the offset on that fork!
Holy Hell! Soccer ball tires?!?
ihatemybike said:
Holy Hell! Soccer ball tires?!?
Yeah, and Germany didn't even win the World Cup!

that blows my mind!
Wow. Look how far forward he has seat positioned!
So, any idea on what the blue substance is coming out of the keg on the Seat tube - could it be anti-freeze?
totally_fixxated said:
Hell must've froze over! :eek:
I'd donate a reacharound to see him manual that thing.
California Roll cycle..

man thats making me it lunch yet..
Snow float ...

Drevil said:
And they said 29ers were good in snow ;-)

Obviously every argument has an extreme. We like to tell the 26" 29er naysayers that they should try 20" wheels if smaller wheels accelerate well. The coker or that monstrosity is what they should point to.

Somewhere there is a happy "sweet spot". And it's probably that the sweet spot is different for disparate riding styles and rider sizes. For example, I think that free-riders and dirt jumpers would be poorly served by 29ers. When your riding consists of jumping off things and doing tricks, strength and agility are paramount. By contrast, downhillers would probably benefit from the ability to roll over rough terrains better.

Honestly, for smooth pavement that coker is probably overkill. Though, they are still cool.

BTW, are these not the same guys?\

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With dirt jump, actually the only real problem I see is bike length. But especially wheel/ramp radius matching too closely. See those football wheel, they'd stop DEAD on a big skateboard quarterpipe. Dirt jumps are short-radius, and ask for small wheels to be able to roll through it.

But yes, it's the same guy, ans he's famous for doing what he does. He's got sponsors and all.
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