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DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs laced to NoTubes Baron 29" rims.

DT Swiss SuperComp triple butted spokes, laced 2x with DT Swiss Prolock nips in red.

Tires are Bontrager XR4/XR5 in 29 x 2.6". Already tubeless -- beads seated and airtight.

Hub spacing is 15 x 110mm (Boost) up front, and 12 x 157 (aka SuperBoost) out back. XD freehub, 36t ratchets.

The backstory:

I laced these hubs for myself this spring. I've been a fan of DT hubs since forever, and these were an easy choice for a daily driver.

But I'd always ridden DT hubs with the stock 18t ratchets, and didn't fully appreciate how much louder the (now stock) 36t variants are when coasting. The difference -- if you really, really like quiet hubs -- is notable.

After ~100 miles ridden miles on these hubs I realized that I'd made a mistake. Asked DT if I could convert the hubset to 18t and got a flat "nope" in response. Bummer.

So I unlaced the hubs and laced them into the wheelset you see here.

TLDR? The hubs have been ridden ~100 miles. Everything else is brand new.

I pulled the freehub off and cleaned/regreased the ratchets. Ready to ride.

As-new this setup would be over $1300.

$1007 shipped to a US address.

I do have XD or HG freehubs if that's what you need.

Inquire: [email protected]

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Hmm. I’m not the only one that doesn’t like the sound of more teeth. The 54T are especially annoying to me, even much more than my I9. But will probably go to DT when my I9 craps out. DTs are tough.

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