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29" rear cassette which one?

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hey guys quick question, what rear cassette should i get im currently building a niner wfo, and it has a truvative stylo 3.3 cranks but i might be moving up to a hammerschmidt in the future, i want something not too blingy, im not really into that but something durable with the right gear ratio for 29er wheels. incase it matters the cassette will be mated to hope pro 2 hubs...thanks
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Hope Pro II has an aluminum carrier, which means you have to either get a SS carrier from hope, or run blingy cassettes with 1 piece carriers, like SRAM 990 11 x 34 or Shimano with the 5 arm 1 piece carrier for gears 1 through 6. Use cheap cassettes and it will gouge the carrier and you'll be hating life when it comes time to remove the cassette for replacement. Don't ask me how I know this. :madman:
What randyboy said....

Sram 990 or Shimano XT or XTR only.

edit to add: :madman: also
I upgraded to the stainless steel carrier on my Hope pro II after gouging the aluminum one. I think it was around $40 bucks.
thanks guys that was easy, is it ok to gouge out the aluminum one and then upgrade to stainless or should this be done off the bat?
Get the SS one from the get go, and save the aluminum one and expensive cassette for race day, when weight is critical.
I never have that much trouble getting a nonspider cassette off an al spider, just a few hard whacks with a wrench and it releases.

However the cassette recomendations above are spot on, XT is stiff light and immensly strong
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