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DT Swiss 240 EXP hubs laced to NoTubes Baron 29" rims.

DT Swiss SuperComp triple butted spokes, laced 2x with DT Swiss Prolock nips in red.

Tires are Bontrager XR4/XR5 in 29 x 2.6". Already tubeless -- beads seated and airtight.

Hub spacing is 15 x 110mm (Boost) up front, and 12 x 157 (aka SuperBoost) out back. XD freehub, 36t ratchets.

The backstory:

I laced these hubs for myself this spring. I've been a fan of DT hubs since forever, and these were an easy choice for a daily driver.

But I'd always ridden DT hubs with the stock 18t ratchets, and didn't fully appreciate how much louder the (now stock) 36t variants are when coasting. The difference -- if you really, really like quiet hubs -- is notable.

After ~100 miles ridden miles on these hubs I realized that I'd made a mistake. Asked DT if I could convert the hubset to 18t and got a flat "nope" in response. Bummer.

So I unlaced the hubs and laced them into the wheelset you see here.

TL:DR? The hubs have been ridden ~100 miles. Everything else is brand new.

I pulled the freehub off and cleaned/regreased the ratchets. Ready to ride.

As-new this setup would be over $1300.

$1007 shipped to a US address.

I do have XD or HG freehubs if that's what you need.

Inquire: [email protected]
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