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I am looking for something lighter, but still grippy and universal to replace my "winter set" of 2.6 Magic Marry in Soft compound. 29" wheels with 35mm internal rim width, not an aggressive rider with various application - technical trails, sometimes flow trails, various surfaces - rock, roots, wet (and loose over hardpack in flow trails). Last year I have tried DHF/Agressor combo in 2.5WT, but did not really like it - perhaps I am too "light" rider for such a set, as I do not lean too much, and etc. So far I have narrowed down to those options (bot front/back):

- Schwalbe Hand Dampf 2.6 - seems there is only Speedgrip compound, and no Soft, but I hope OK for main season riding?
- Bontrager XR4 2.6 - there are many positive reviews and feedback
- Specialized Eliminator 2.6 - there are not that many reviews yet, but all of them seem to be positive

I know it is probably a long short, but anyone tried those and can provide feedback? Anything else I have missed (already "disqualified": Michelin - no 2.6 options and heavy, Onza Ibex - too narrow, Maxxis - not sure what are the options, Vittoria - nothing interesting, WTB - too heavy options).

Many thanks in advance for any feedback!
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