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28t Chainring for giant Talon 2

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I just purchased a Giant Talon 2 (2021) for my son and is comes with a ProWheel Charm, 30t front chainring. The rear cassette offers 11-42 (9 speed) which isn't sufficient for the hill climbs we do on our property. Can anyone recommend a smaller chainring (28t) that would fit the current crankset? I figure this will help the hill climbs and be the cheapest if the option is available. I checked ProWheel's website and didn't find any 28t rings. Any help would be appreciated.

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Changing the ChainRing is easiest and cheapest, but only gains 2 teeth (not huge IMO).
Not sure if this fits (his bike), but a wider 11 - 50 range Cassette would be more effective
I agree with wider cassette. I have 1x11 setup with a 30t chainring and 11-42 cassette. There are some looooong steep hills where I would kill for a 46 tooth gear. I bet your boy could climb a tree with a 46 tooth rear!
You'll have to check the BCD of the crankset:

But assuming it's 104mm, the only 28t one I know of is

It moves the chainline inboard a bit, but if tire and chainstay can handle it, it should be fine.

Note: I can't navigate to the usamadeco link, but maybe it's my computer...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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