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So my giant tcx advanced sx just got upgraded to some
Spare 27.5 x2.1 wheels/tires with rocket ron/thunder burt tubeless. Pretty sweet for rough stuff.

I decided to try and fly closer to the sun and got some speed king II rs tires. They were on clearance. Set up tubeless, rolling resistance is in road tire territory. And they are light... and as thin as paper.

I set them up tubeless with muckoff sealant (they are not tubeless, but people run them as such to mixed results).

I just did a 10k test ride (mixed pavement and gravel with one big gravel climb) a few hours after having them mounted. I run them at about 23-24 psi and man oh man are they supple. It felt more like a road tire as far as resistance goes. Except that even over gravel, they feel like riding on clouds. Pretty shocking, even vs the 2.1 inch tires i had above. Plus i crushed a local gravel KOM comfortably first try on this first test run. So they are quick!

They seemed to seal decently well. I lost about 3-4 psi after only 30min, and i suspect most of that was during a high speed descent. after that was when fresh sealant began to show around the rim bead up front. Someone said it can take a few days to seal. I hope that is true as i plan to run them 50 or so kms tomorrow, and another 50-100kms on the weekend.

So what is a pretty useless mtb tire hopefully makes for a very fast road/gravel tire that is super comfy, has a rolling resistance similar to your road bike, and that i fear may burp and fail if you hit anything of consequence with it (i plan to avoid all but smooth singletrack)

Lets see how this experiment goes...
(They are worth an estimated 11w or free rolling resistance vs my prior pretty fast mtb tires).
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