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Anybody have any thoughts about putting a 27.5 fork and tire on a 26" Tracer VP?

I have a 2009 Tracer VP and been thinking about the new Rock Shox Pike.
I'd eventually like to switch to a 27.5 frame so I don't really want to buy a 26" fork.

So I was thinking about getting a 27.5 Pike and a 27.5 wheel built up and throwing it on there until I get a 27.5 frame.

I know it will slacken the head angle a little, maybe 0.5 degrees? Which is fine with me. The BB will get raised a 0.5 inch? Not sure.

Anybody try this or have any input?
I know folks run 27.5 wheels on 26" forks, is this very similar?

I have a 2007 Marzocchi 66SL ATA on there now, dialed down to 170-160mm. So it shouldn't be that different, should it?


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A front 27.5 would work, but the benefit isn't worth what that might do to the bike's balance & behavior. I have a CarbineSL (26" only like you) & decided to wait until I do a complete bike to move up a wheel size.
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