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XC race.
Gaex Gato 2.1 . Go to xc mud race tire in 29er. Fast and great hook up in hardpack as well as loose over hard as well. Should be good in 27.5.

Trail/ xc race
Conti MK2 2.2 clear well in mud with deep tread . The tread is narrow, and square edged profile, but has a very solid edge so you hook up early without leaning to far. Go to trail mud tire in 29er.TK 2.2 is bigger vol and slightly more aggressive. May flaot to much in mud?

MK2 2.2 is much samller volume but simialr width traed to the TK 2.2 . The Mk2 2.2 is quite a bit faster less paddle shaped , less aggressive traed. MK2 in 2.4 isn't as good in mud as tread is too widely spaced on the much bigger casing. On the 2.2 the tread is similar size but packed closer on the samller casing. Plus the smaller tire cuts in to the mud better.
If you don't mind the samller volume it's a pretty impressive wet ,loose condition tire IMHO. Also afst enough to use in any conditions. It's quick for an agressive tread. Only get the black chilli ones. Std folding ones are terrible.

Here's what the 2.2 size looks like. Square profile, tall shoulder, tight shoulder tread.


1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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