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So happy I found Lithic Rhyolites in 27.5". I had been looking for something like these for my Pugsley for a while, as there had been no offset spoke bed 27.5" rims. (I do wish these were 60-65mm width instead of 70, but guess you can't have it all). So I am going to have a set built.

These will be more for "all mountain" type riding, not snow or sand (I have 80mm 26" fat rims for that). Just for the typical southwest chunky, rocky, techy rides.

So I don't want full 4.0" tires. Any tires that measure smaller than indicated in 27.5 size? I wish Schwalbe had Jumbo Jim's in 27.5. What other fast-rolling small 3.8-4.0" tires should I be looking at?

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