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As the title says I need a budget set of 27.5 wheels. I'm looking for the best value possible. I know that one shouldn't cheap out on wheels but I'm a bit short on couch change at the moment.

I'm converting my 05 Cannondale Prophet over from 26 so the catch is that I need 135mm rear spacing. I'd like a 12mm rear hub. I'll run a qr adapter to start. I've been searching for the ultra rare MX variant for years and that has a thru 12 rear axle. So I'd like to be prepared in case I find that legendary golden unicorn.

Why bother with an old ass frame? Because I love projects like these and I actually really like the way my current one rides. I got it as frame and I have very good components on it. 27.5 would be the 'final' piece. Of course no project like this is ever truly finished. If I found an MX frame for example I could run a 170mm fork with the much higher max 570mm a2c compared to the 530mm max of a standard Prophet. I could also run a 200x57 for 160mm of travel instead of the stock 200x50 that gives it 140mm. That would give me a heavy weight old school enduro beast.

Anyway I've got a fox 34 factory 27.5 on it now and I have a wtb vigilante/trail boss tire combo so all I need are wheels.

I saw these on ebay: Sun Ringle Black Flag Expert for $200.

Would they be strong enough for trail and lighter AM?

Thanks for any advice on this, friends.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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