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Aight I'm riding an 07 norco 125 frame... in need of some new parts for the season. I've been beating the **** out of a Hope XC hub w/ EX729 on the rear for the past 2 years - held up until lately at which point I snapped the axle in two (FYI Hope replaced it for FREE, I rebuilt it with new bearings, works flawlessly still - amazing hub).

To give you some input:

1.This EX729 is the only wheel that has ever lasted me. I've destroyed everything else in a few weeks... 2 Singletracks, Alex rims, etc... the list goes on.

2. I am only 125lbs 5ft8 fully grown (I'm 20) and IMO beefy 26's are too heavy for someone my size.

3. I eventually plan on an NS Suburban 24" frame & 24's but can't afford it all while I'm paying for college.

So for the time being what do you think of a 24rear and 26front on my current frame? I figure I can lose some weight while gaining a stronger wheel, I'm just wondering how it'll affect the geo.


EDIT: I have also considered milling the frame if I run the 24 to get a shorter chainstay - and no, not some hack job - I DO have a clue what I'm doing... still considering it.
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