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26 x 4 tires

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I have two tire questions

I normally ride blue trails in Montgomery county MD. It’s mostly dirt with some rocks and roots. I don’t jump or do any drops. I am a recovering roadie trying to play in traffic less.

1 my current setup is a tubed 26x4 and I am 169#. The amount of riding gear I wear depends on the weather. How low can I safely drop the pressure on my current setup?

2 I want to convert to tubeless. While I am not opposed to riding in the snow we don’t get much here and if we do the snow is wet. I will probably ride in the sand more often as I visit my parents house in Delaware. 95% of my rides will be on trails that have some rocks and roots. What is a good tire to look for? I am not in a hurry if waiting a reasonable time gets a better tire. Thanks

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Jumbo Jim’s? Cake eaters? I know the answer to these questions for my regular mtb and for my road bike. Help!

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Just picked up a cheap FatBike so following closely to the answers.....

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Is this in the wrong section?

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This is the classifieds.

Go to the main fatbike forum and you'll get more opinions than you know what to do with.
Lol I figured I did it wrong

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