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Just had these built up. I have one 47MM trials rim and like what it did with my DIY studded Endomorph, so I decided to try these Rabbit Holes. Nice strong lightweight rims that round the profile of the Husker Du's nicely. So far I've done a couple of rides and they move pretty quick and handle very nice. Ran about 12psi and they gave me plenty of cushion. Hit a few areas of sand with no issues and they provided plenty of float.

I was impressed how well the Husker Du's bead stuck to these rims, has a pretty firm grip. I have another two year old set of Husker Du's and found their beads will stretch, so I choose not to run tubeless. Plus this last set I just bought has a note stating they are not tubeless ready anyway. I have to say though, the tight fit is tempting to do tubeless with.I know there's a few other trials rims out there that are lighter, but I wanted 50MM width and I like the semi-single wall design of these rims. Makes for a nice strong build.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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