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Well, tax return season is starting soon, and I find myself longing to re-enter the world of mountain biking again. 29'ers seem to be the current rage, so I'd like some input on which makes/models to consider.

1st, I'll state what I used to ride, my riding style, and my likes/dislikes about my former riders:

Santacruz Chameleon - This is the bike I started on. It was SUPER stiff, and the slack ht angle caused my front wheel to push a lot through corners.. that was with an 80mm RS Sid, too! I also was forced to buy a carbon post, because my back (which is now 6 yrs older) couldn't take the abuse. I miss it the most, though, cuz it was fun, built fairly light, and required less maintainance than my fs rig.

Titus Racer X - In 2000-2001, lockout on fs was all the rage. To that end, it served its purpose on long, flat training rides. During XC races, I actually felt slower, though - can't really prove that hypothesis unfortunately. Maybe it was due to the added weight (about 1 lb more than my SC Chameleon)? This frame, with an 80mm RS Sid felt nervous in turns. I never really trusted myself on this bike. I'm no mechanic either, so maintainance was an issue.

I don't know that I'll be racing again, but my main concers are: Hardtail only, Compliant frame material (steel, etc), Weight, All-day rideability, 26 vs 29 wheels, and budget = $1000-1500.

OK... sorry for the "book" I've written but let's see what everyone else in mtbr-land has to offer. Thanks! :thumbsup:
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