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I'm trying different tires on my commuter. Had Kenda Kwicks on there for a couple years and they were real good. Well, fast anyway. They slipped on climbs and were puncture prone, but I liked them for their low rolling resistance. Wanted to try something different so I got the Kenda K-Rads. I like the tires quite a bit, but they're "grippier" than I expected and I feel like they're slowing me down on the road. I heard good things about the 100psi version of the Kenda Kwest. They look like they would have less rolling resistance, but I'm curious if anybody has any experience with them compared to the Kwests and if I would gain much with them.

Other recommendations are welcome too. Kenda tires have always treated me well, so that's why I got the K-Rads and am interested in the Kwests. I'm sure there are better tires out there, but I would like to not spend more than $50 on tires for commuting, especially since I just spent $40 on the K-rads not too long ago.

Please don't try to tell me I should buy a road bike or a 29er or turn this into a debate that it isn't.:thumbsup:

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