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I wasn't sure if this would be better suited in this forum or the families forum. Mods feel free to move or let me know and I'll delete and post over there.

I picked up a 24" Liv Enchant for my daughter. I want to switch the rear hub from a freehub to a freewheel to use some 10speed stuff I have in the parts bin. It's a 28hole, 2x lacing. I'm planning to reuse the current rims (she likes the purple and I'm keeping things cheap) and just lace in new hubs. She's 8, rides pretty light XC right now(she'll go down curbs), and probably around 50lbs. I'm looking for opinions on hubs and 2x vs. 3x lacing. I do have another daughter that will eventually slide into this bike when the older kid sizes up.

I'm looking to keep it cheap on hubs since I don't yet know how much she's going to ride and also figure the stock hubs are cheap. I'm debating the Novatec d041sb/d042sb or d791sb/d792sb hubsets. Looking at online measurements of the hubs I might be able to reuse the current spokes with the d041sb/d042sb and 2x lacing. I like the idea of the 791/792 because those are convertible and I have some extra parts from my fat hubs if something should break.

I'm up in the air on 2x vs 3x lacing. Currently 2x. Probably strong enough for her light weight and the light and flat Minnesota singletrack and bikepaths she'd ride. 3x is a litttle stronger and the only other wheelset I built for myself was 3x lacing.

Not sure if I'm missing out on anything. Any thoughts on lacing pattern and which hub to go with?
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