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24 Hours of the Old Pueblo, Friends needed

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Well, I am a dumbass for not checking my email, and my 5 person coed team that xrmattaz has mentioned before, now looks like six people. I am wondering if there is anyone that would be interested in completing our second internet axe-murdering team. LakeRaven can't make it, neither can Noel, and I haven't heard from Ken in KC either. Is anyone interested in a FUN team, no real pipe dreams of winning or anything, just not coming in last. I have a motion to split the entrants into a tortoise and a hare squads, and see no problemo with this. Let me know if you are interested. I guess we need the cash into the promoter by the end of the month. Do a search for QQQQ here and see some of the antics. Please email directly, I promise to check it out.
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