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24 Hours of COS Training

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Hello All,

Well I've never actually raced in any sort of bike race, but thought why not start big? I'm currently training for the 24 Hours of COS in Colorado Springs this coming October. I know I still have a while, but I'll probably enter a few 6 and maybe one 12 hour races to prep for the 24 hour. I haven't been able to hit the trails for quite some time, but I have been on the trainer at least 5 days a week for the last 5 or 6 weeks. Here's my excel sheet on my training so far...

On the excel sheet, I have distance, time, calories burned, how I felt, what I ate immediately after biking, and my heart zone I trained at that day. I've read about the heart zone training and thought, since I'm on the trainer anyway, I should train with zones, and that's what I've been doing. My LT is 168 beats per minute.

As Spring comes, followed by summer, I am going to start longer rides, both distance and time, to continue to build that endurance mind and body set. I've read a lot on hydration and nutrition and everything and will be trying some different products out once i'm able to go for some nice long mountainous rides here in Colorado.

I'm going to get out on the trails as soon as possible to put some miles on a real bike, but until then, the trainer it is. If you guys have any training hints, please send them my way, I'm starting to think I might be in over my head. My goal is to finish the race with 21-22 hours on the bike, riding at least 120 miles. Am I on the path to success here? Thanks everyone. Take care.

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Looks like your training is plenty sufficient for this early in the season. If you're in Colorado now (profile says Cali, but you mention Colorado above), start getting outside for a longer ride or 2 a week.

We did the Falcon Trail yesterday. 100% rideable with some short wet (not really muddy) sections.

Keep up with the training, but keep it fun so you don't burnout...
I'm actually at the Academy, so Falcon Trail will be ridden quite often. And yes, originally I'm from Southern California. Once I'm able to ride the trails, I'm going to stop spending so much time on the trainer, and more time on the trail, which are obviously more enjoyable. Thanks for the help.

In addition to the training, make sure you figure out your eating, drinking, lighting, and clothing. Screw those things up and all your training is irrelevant.

I wish I could do 24 Hours of COS again, but I'll be out of town for a wedding...
i am putting together a 4 person military team for the 24hr, are you going solo or interested in the team event?
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