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Thanks for the heads up

twenty4 sports said:
The 2006 schedule will be announced next Friday and registration will open January 2, 2006.

twenty4 sports
I look forward to seeing what you've got cooked up for '06. It takes guts to post in this den of sharks.

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mikesee said:
Not quite. You see, the blood needs to stop flowing before scabs can form.

From my POV, it doesn't look like this will actually be resolved, so the blood will move to other events (like yours) and eventually this will scab and then just fall off..

btw, a mutual photographing friend has suggested to me that I try to get some rides with you. One day I'll make it out your direction...

His name is Aaron and he lives in Montana..

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I for one am looking forward to seeing the schedule. Typically they are well run and I am there to ride a good course and have fun for myself. I am not there to interact with those organizing the events. Yes Stuart has done some questionable things, but in the end I just want to ride my bike. Not sure what the price will be this year but it most likely won't be any more than Granny Gear.

I only hope the dates announced stay firm and no dates are cancelled.
1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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