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I'll be there too - my 4th time. Great race, great fun. We have 5 teams of 4 heading up from Greater Hartford, CT. Race is super fun, and everyone keeps coming back despite not being in the race scene.

There isn't that much single track, maybe 80% fire road. Little bursts here and there, a switch back climb up Blueberry Hill, a sort of slippery section back down the hill through the shaded woods that has a few planks to ride on that rewards some skill (I'm no skinny rider, could handle all of it well), then a tough greasy tight switchback uphill, some turny singletrack, and a fast run down a sketchy gauntlet. Finally cross a 4 foot wide, 150 long wobbly bridge. Not that many opportunities for flats.

I ride minions front and rear all year, but will be switching to lighter/less resistance. I will use what I have in the garage ... a Rekon 2.6 up front, and an Ikon 2.35 in the rear (would have preferred Rekon, but didn't have one).The huge thing I think is carrying momentum up undulating fire roads, and keeping speed & traction riding down these same fire roads, especially over the loose turns.

That's my $.02, but another option is calling Don Seib at Barker Mountain Bikes and asking the same question Barker Mountain Bikes | Bethel, Maine | Bicycle Shop. Super good rider, super nice and helpful guy to our crew.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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