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24 hour solo races and contact lenses

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I'm considering a 24 hour solo race. Conditioning, gear and support are not a problem. My problem is that I have very poor eye sight (astigmatism and myopia) - so bad that I wear coke-bottle contacts :cool: I can wear my contacts for about 12 before my eyes feel fried and they take longer to settle after blinking. I've never had them on overnight.

Anyone out there with advise and/or experience with contacts and long races?

Thanks in advance.
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Stay well hydrated!

One of my mentors and a good friend suffered at 24HTOP this past February, because she was dehydrated and her eyes dried out... allowing dust to work its way between her contact lenses and eyeballs. She had to prematurely bail after asserting herself as a strong solo womens contender! She healed up OK, but had mildly scratched her corneas..... so stay moist!
I too cannot ride without prescriptions of some sort. Whilst I wouln't call my vision really poor I do have an astigmatism and feel a little naked and exposed on a bike without glasses.

Like you, this year I began doing 8,12,24 hour races which lead me to a dilemma. Glass - What to wear or whether to use contacts.

In general I found using Contact lenses for 24 hour racing to be a bit of a pain in the ass. For one thing, if there is constant dust in the air, my eyes go dry and after 12 hours or so, it is hard to get them out - plus with dirty hands etc it can be a pain.

Can I strongly suggest getting RX sunglasses or clear sport glasses made up? I would suggest, if you can to get the oakley prescriptions or the Rudy Project with RX inserts. Then you can use contacts too. Its best to save contacts till night time, as glasses tend to fog up if the conditions are on the cool side, and the rider is a little hot and stuffy.

I have just got a pair of the Oakley M Frame prescriptions in clear and am really happy with them, and it means I have a decent pair of glasses to wear on the bike during winter and night time. I am getting a set of Sunglass M Frames too so I don't really have to bother with taking out or putting in contacts.

In summary, for me, I found contacts to be a little bit messy for 12/24 hour racing.
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