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24" disc wheelset - hard to find

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I just got my kid's x24 disc ready with adaptors, RST etc. Now I'd like to get a wheelset without spending a fortune. I have the discs and brakes off my other bikes, I just need a cheap wheelset. But its hard to find. Even with all the Stinky 2-4s and Specialized Groms etc. out there, you'd think there would be more wheelsets for sale.

Any suggestions?, rather... Any Cheap suggestions?
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I don't think "cheap" for a rare or custom pair of wheels is going to be possible. I can't imagine there being many 24" disc brake wheels out there. Why not build them yourself or get them built?

24" rims should be easy to find and inexpensive disc brake hubs sure are. Add $32 for spokes and you're in business.
I have two 24" Sun Rhyno Lite welded & machined rims, all black ano, (note, no silver sidewall). I could build them into disc wheels if you want.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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