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'22 5010 Lrg Dropper question

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I'm trying to confirm if a 175mm dropper is good to go in a '22 5010 sz large --- having trouble figuring out if this is good to go... can anyone validate?

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You can try. My 22 Hightower came with either a 175 or 200, I can't remember, but it was too long with the post bottomed out in the seat tube. I had to swap it for a 150 post.
Thanks for the reply Burpee -- I am pretty sure that it will work, but just don't want to hassle with sending back a return on the dropper if it's an issue with hitting the seat tube.
My 22 5010 came with a 175 Reverb and there is inches available for more, a 200 will fit fine depending on your inseam. My inseam is 32".
Perfect - thank you Mr. P. I think 175 should be fine for me... appreciate it.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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